Party Cups!

Looking for a great hostess gift? Merry Maps, Party Cups are the answer! I just got back from an amazing weekend in Rhode Island with one of my best friends, Francesca. I wanted to give her and her husband something special as a thank you gift, so I created custom cups and had them shipped to the house before we arrived! The cups turned out darling and captured their two homes coming together. After a weekend of eating and drinking, I can confidently say these cups are great for both hot and cold beverages!


Not Your Grandmother’s Calligraphy!

I’ve always loved calligraphy and hand lettered text! It makes even the simplest invitation look so elegant . So after several requests from clients, I figured I needed to start practicing! I found out that I absolutely LOVE the process! I’ve decided to call my calligraphy and lettered texts “Party Calligraphy”, I think it perfectly defines the fun, whimsical style of my writing. A modern girls twist on the timeless art of calligraphy!┬áIt would be the perfect fit for someone wanting a chic, and festive Invitation, Save the date or Map!



I’ve always loved calligraphy and have been wanting to incorporate it in Merry Maps! Calligraphy can make even the simplest note look chic and polished! When a tropical storm hit our annual family beach trip, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to practice. Here’s a few examples of what I’ve been working on…Obviously, I need a few more rain storms to work out the kinks, but I’m loving the look!

peta dunia satelit .