Fans Of Merry Maps!

Merry Maps always appreciates blogger support, and we were thrilled when we discovered this post…


Their blog is called, Chronicles of the Professional GChatters! C & R, are two twentysomething, best friends living on opposite coasts and decided to turn their chats into a blog! They share their favorite internet finds each day…too cute! to ask in spanish where is domain hosted

2 comments on "Fans Of Merry Maps!"

  • Ginnie says:

    Hi Daley! I love your work! Lately I have been wanting to learn calligraphy, just like the style you have been working on. Can you recommend any books or learning tools? Thank you!


  • Merry Maps says:

    Hi Ginnie,

    Thanks so much for your reply! My calligraphy is still a work in progress…but I have so much fun with it! Of course practice is the best advice, but I also searched blogs and websites for inspiration! My favorite place to buy supplies is…
    They are so nice and have the best selection or inks, pens and nibs! Email me if you have any other questions…I’m happy to help!